Event licence applications can be tricky

Check out our tips to avoid delays or rejections WHICH ONE? TEMPORARY EVENTS NOTICE OR PREMISES LICENCE ?  If you’re holding an event for under 500 people with licensable activities (live performance, selling hot food and/or alcohol) you’ll need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). For larger scale events a Premises License is required. GATHER REQUIRED […]

So what’s a SAG again?

When planning events, you’ll come across acronyms such as SAGs, EMPs, ESPs, and RAMS.

Here we break down what a SAG is, its purpose, process, and when you do and don’t need one.

Risk assessments are so much more than a box ticking exercise

A good risk assessment should be integral to your planning process and can actually save you time and money. While no risk assessment can foresee every scenario, a robust one ensures you’re prepared to handle any outlier incident should it occur! See our tips for a successful plan – what to think about, how to […]

Unlocking Event Success: Operations Management

Ever wondered what makes an event run like a well-oiled machine? Where unique visions work safely, the fun meets function, and creative plans don’t get lost in logistics. This is where Operations Management comes in. The behind-the-scenes glue Operations Management fills the gap between event promoters and the production team. It’s the key to turning […]