Event licence applications can be tricky

Check out our tips to avoid delays or rejections

If you’re holding an event for under 500 people with licensable activities (live performance, selling hot food and/or alcohol) you’ll need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN).

For larger scale events a Premises License is required.

Before you apply for a licence make sure you have accurate site layout plans, precise operating times and a comprehensive event management plan (EMP) to support your application.

Present a detailed, thought-out event and most local authorities will be happy to work with you.

Pro-tip: thorough event safety plans (ESP) at the application stage is your friend.

Talk to them in advance of submitting your application to discuss your event and any possible concerns they might have. This is especially important for new large scale events; consult with them early, attend SAGs (Safety Advisory Group) and listen to their advice – they need to be confident that you know what you’re doing.

A TEN must be applied for with a minimum of 10 clear days (not including the day the application is received and the date of the event)

A Premises Licence, for a straightforward regular event, should be granted after 28 days of the application date (if there are no objections that is).

Planning a new festival or large outdoor event? Allow a lot more time. Most authorities like to be contacted at least six months to a year in advance to start the pre-application consultation process.

Sounds obvious but you’ll be surprised how tiny errors or missing supporting documents can hold up the process.

Get the fine-tooth comb out and a second pair of eyes round.

Contact us to see how we can support the application and planning process.

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