When things go wrong…a cautionary tale

We once took on a project for a winter light event inspired by a beloved children’s story, set in a London park. Magical light installations were being imported from China but, upon checking, we found that they were not compliant with UK safety standards. Despite our advice in advance that all the electrics needed to be redone the promoter unfortunately didn’t factor in any time to do this. Determined to push forward, they proceeded with the light installation.

However, disaster struck when the event electrician tested the installations and suffered a strong electric shock (luckily without serious injury). At this point we had to insist that the event couldn’t proceed until everything was made safe and compliant, or we would have to withdraw our support. (As health and safety professionals, stepping away from a project so close to launch is the last thing we’d ever want to do). . .

Fortunately the promotor understood the gravity of the situation and set about having all the installations rewired. Unfortunately this led to a two-day delay in the event’s opening, and non-budgeted expenditure.

Moral of the story – never assume that equipment is fit for purpose, especially if it’s sourced internationally. Always prioritise safety by working with reputable UK-based suppliers or those recommended by trusted sources. (Saving on cheaper supplies could end up costing you double if they’re not fit for purpose.).

And above all, promoters should heed the advice of their health and safety advisor; we are your event’s ally, not adversary. Bring us in early to review your plans and make any necessary adjustments.

It’s not just about ticking boxes—it could save you time, money, and, most importantly, prevent a serious incident!

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