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We work hard to understand your project’s vision and ambitions and work with you to achieve those within a compliant and safe structure.


We offer a complete Planning and Safety toolkit service;
Event Management Plans, Risk Assessments, Construction Phase Plans, Food Safety, Audience Management Plans are essential for addressing specific challenges and ensuring the success and safety of your events, projects, or businesses. Being proactive and utilising these tools to solve problems before they begin not only gives you peace of mind but ensures the satisfaction and safety of your team, attendees and stakeholders. 
We also provide event specific team Online Training or employee-wide Health & Safety In-house Training tailored to your company. 
Our team are focused and conscientious, ensuring all clients get the practical and accessible advice they need to operate confidently, safely and within the law.
See our Events page for a detailed view of our Event Safety, Operations Management and Event Strategic Planning. 

Event Management Plans

Event Management Plans (EMPs) are key documents for effective event planning

EMPs are comprehensive documents that outline every aspect of your event, from logistics to safety protocols. They help you anticipate potential issues, allocate resources effectively, and ensure everyone is on the same page. With an EMP in place, you can minimise stress, streamline operations, and create an unforgettable experience for your attendees.


Risk Assessments

Safety should always be a top priority, whether you’re organising an event or managing a project.

Risk assessments are invaluable tools that identify potential hazards, evaluate their likelihood, and determine their potential impact. By conducting thorough risk assessments, you can proactively address safety concerns, protect your team and guests, and avoid costly accidents or legal issues. Don’t leave safety to chance—take control with proper risk assessments.


Construction Phase Plans

Planning and executing construction projects can be daunting, but Construction Phase Plans (CPPs) simplify the process.

These documents provide a roadmap for every stage of your construction project, ensuring that everyone involved understands their responsibilities and follows best practices. CPPs streamline communication, minimise delays, and enhance safety on the construction site. CPP’s can be a requirement from venues and local authorities and can help you comply with the Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2015.


Food Safety

Food is the heart of any event or hospitality business, and ensuring its safety is paramount.

Food Safety protocols are essential to prevent foodborne illnesses and maintain the trust of your customers. Proper food handling, storage, and preparation are non-negotiable. By adhering to strict food safety standards, you protect your reputation, comply with regulations, and, most importantly, keep your customers safe. Don’t compromise on food safety; it’s the key to a thriving, reputable food business. We will check all your food concession paperwork in advance, liase with the local authority and provide an onsite team to sign everything off giving you peace of mind to get on with what you do best.


Audience Management Plans

Are you hosting an event with a large crowd? Audience Management Plans (AMPs) are the key to creating a positive and secure experience for your attendees.

AMPs outline strategies for crowd control, ticketing, access points, and emergency response. They help you manage the flow of people, prevent bottlenecks, and ensure the safety of everyone involved. With an effective AMP, you can provide a seamless experience for your audience while minimizing risks and maximizing enjoyment.


In House Training

Employee wide training that saves money in the long term

Over the years clients kept telling us that they couldn’t afford employee wide health and safety training or that the training they had done was too generic and not applicable to their business.

We would rather that our clients work safely and their staff have a good understanding of H&S and their obligations so we decided we would  incorporate bespoke training based on our client’s business needs or specific projects.

This enables clients to be able to take some H&S elements in-house i.e. risk assessments; saving them money in the long term and further streamlining the coordination with external stakeholders.


Online Training

We can design event specific training for your team which can be accessed via an online portal.

This is useful if you have a high number of staff starting at different times e.g. during a long run, when on tour or prior to a build or derig when you may have multiple contractors starting on different days and don’t want to use up time doing briefings on-site. The training can be tailored to your business and your event and can cover all the key elements of on-site safety as well as anything event specific.

We have provided online training for Luna Cinema, Big Church Festival, Backyard Cinema.

Hybred Event's meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to safety have given us the confidence that our ambitious ideas are delivered professionally and securely. Their professionalism, reliability, and expertise have consistently enhanced the quality of our events. I wholeheartedly recommend Becky. and the Hybred Events team to any organisation looking for a perfect blend of innovation, safety, and professionalism in event planning.

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