Food Matters

Welcome to our end-to-end Food Trader Service!

At Hybred Events, we understand that great food, seamless logistics, and exemplary food safety are essential ingredients for any event’s concessions offering.

That’s why we’ve crafted a complete solution to handle it all, taking the stress off event promoters.

Our clients

Full package food trader management


We’ve curated a roster of trusted food traders known for their quality, variety, and values. From booking or sourcing traders to coordinating layouts, production, crowd access planning, and financials, we’ve got you covered. Our team also manages all health and safety aspects, from paperwork, risk assessments, and live event sign-offs, ensuring a smooth experience from setup to derig.

With our comprehensive approach, you can expect exceptional food offerings while we handle the logistics and safety details. Let’s make your next event a culinary success

Food traders

Sample of our some of our trusted food traders. 


We pride ourselves on making food concessions work for everyone involved. This means building strong relationships and collaboration between traders and events to ensure a positive experience for all.

All our traders are NCASS approved, and we meticulously review all required documentation and certification. When sourcing food traders we look for exceptional offerings, relevant experience, and sustainable practices as standard and prioritise local-to-event vendors where possible.

 A dedicated onsite concession manager works with event  production and site teams to ensure all logistics ( pre, during and post event) are smooth and is the go-to person for any issues on either side. 

Where we go one step further is with our combined health and safety team who will handle all food concessions site risk assessments, pre-event checks and sign offs on the events behalf.

How it works

Every event is as unique as its attendees, which is why we customise our service to fit your specific needs –  we evaluate location, type of event,  demographic, size, budget, and aims to advise on a cost-effective,  top-notch mix.   

We assess the expected number of attendees and recommend the ideal number and variety of food traders for your event. Once confirmed, we handle all negotiations and logistics between the event and the traders, ensuring a seamless experience.

From build to de-rig we oversee every aspect of food concessions,  from production logistics to  waste management, epos systems, on-site manager through to complete food safety and onsite  risk assessment vendors checks. 

For years our health and safety team has support events to sign-off food safety and onsite checks, working with food traders and food concessions managers – we know what good food safety and management  looks like. 


Gemma’s can do attitude is infectious and no obstacle is too big to overcome. Through years of event-side food trader management Gemma has built up an incredible range of suppliers and staff who love working for her. Her enthusiasm is infectious,  ensuring that everyone has a great event experience whether a supplier, staff member or client event team.

I highly recommend Gemma and her team.

Bob Peterson

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Bob Peterson

What clients say:

All-in-One Platform

For revenue tracking, epos and food trader financials coordination we use an event management software to manage all traders and all revenue streams,  designed for the entertainment industry. From lightening-fast payment processing to automated revenue share management, the solution streamlines your operations and ensures complete transparency. Have a system that you prefer to use?  We’ll handle all communications and set up with the traders to ensure smooth operations for your event. 

Years of Experience

Bringing over 15 years of experience in health and safety and food trader management, our team has supported a diverse range of clients. From large-scale music festivals to seasonal community events, Christmas markets, and one-off corporate events, we’ve got you covered.

Our food trader lead, Gemma, has earned a reputation for building exceptional relationships with food traders (they love to work with her) and is known for making miracles happen on short notice.

Heading the Hybred Events team is Becky, who brings a wealth of experience in health and safety and event operations. Clients adore her passion, expertise, attention to detail, and the incredible results she delivers. With us, your event is in the safest of hands.