Do you know what RAMs are?

RAMS are Risk Assessments and Method Statements.

You will often be asked to provide RAMS for the work you’re undertaking or you may need to request RAMS from contractors or suppliers for onsite work.

Risk assessments identify and mitigate hazards, while method statements are detailed, step-by-step documents on how to safely execute tasks outlined in the assessments.

Produce RAMS for each new project or events, or when team or location changes occur.

New situations require new safety precautions.

You may not always need to write a Method Statement for each task, but your Risk Assessment should identify when you will need a Method Statement.

RAMS detail project descriptions; lead times, necessary equipment, required contractors, task breakdowns, task durations, and emergency procedures. Planning with RAMS in place from the start can inform everything from budget to team head-count.

RAMS apply to almost every physical event task!

From electrical equipment use, manual handling, hazardous substances, loading and unloading, working from height, lone working, contractor management… to everything in between.

RAMS should be accessible to all involved parties and ideally stored on a cloud-based system for instant access.

RAMS align teams and contractors by highlighting activities, hazards, and instructions for safe completion.

Keeping everyone safe and on track.

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